Introduction to 3D technology in the eye

2021-06-28 09:33:39 maker 303

What is in-eye 3D

If you've ever used a traditional VR player, you can see their drawbacks firsthand.

(1) Traditional VR glasses can only display the content recorded by special recording equipment to achieve 3D effect, so there are few contents that they can adapt to, and many contents cannot be used on VR equipment.

(2) At present, most VR products cannot be viewed with naked eyes, which is easy to cause dizziness and great harm to human eyes.

3) For ordinary camera content, it can only be divided by software or displayed with two screens, which is expensive;

Eye 3D technology is a set of display system that integrates physical optics and ergonomics.Completely solve the drawbacks of traditional VR equipment, not only 3D effect is good, no injury to the eyes and no dizziness, but also expand the suitable content, ordinary video, 3D rendering games can be adapted.

Principle of in-eye 3D technology:VR glasses showing the light emitted by the first into the dispersion prism, through dispersion prism will enter the light into parallel light from different angles, irradiation on the concave mirror lens group, respectively, by concave lens refraction of light, the light through the two flat convex lens, directly into the eye to the virtual image is formed on the retina, will show the show the contents of the display.

Through the above design, on the one hand, the video projected by in-eye 3D technology does not need to be recorded and adjusted by professional equipment, and does not need to be divided, which reduces the cost of video playback. At the same time, it has strong versatility and improves the application range of VR glasses.On the other hand, the in-eye 3D technology directly projects light rays on the retina of the human eye through the split-splitting prism and lens group to form a virtual image. The nearsighted and farsighted people can also see with their naked eyes, which improves the use experience of VR glasses.It solves the problems of high cost of existing VR glasses and poor use experience for myopia and farsightedness people. Myopia and farsightedness people can also watch with naked eyes without harming their eyes and without dizziness.

Beneficial effects of in-eye 3D technology

1. Eye 3D technology brings people more display content, a larger perspective and a more real experience.

2. People with abnormal vision such as myopia and farsightedness can also watch without wearing them, and the light falls directly on the eye membrane through the eyes to form a virtual image, and the lens will not be adjusted frequently, causing eye fatigue.

3, the screen display content without professional equipment or software adjustment, has a strong general-purpose, as long as the screen display content can experience a certain 3D effect.

4. This method is simple to implement and plays a good role in reducing the use cost of VR vision equipment.